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The Best Tool For Clearing Mental Cobwebs

I’m a huge fan of clearing physical clutter as a path forward to gaining clarity.  Disorder, clutter, and undone spaces in your home stall you from creating, sabotage your productivity, and keep you from moving forward.

“Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor—it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.” — Peter Walsh

Let me tell you something, darling:  clutter in any form robs you of energy.

This includes not only physical clutter, but mental  and emotional clutter as well.   You know what physical clutter is.  Emotional clutter is hanging on to things like fear, anger, and resentment.  Mental clutter is when you have too many thoughts bouncing around in your mind. 

I’d love to help you clear all kinds of clutter in your life.  In fact, clients often come to me to help them shed all kinds of clutter from their worlds. Clutter in any form interferes with the ability to thrive.

I’ll be honest:  I have a personal and intimate relationship with all kinds of clutter and have changed my life by learning how to reduce and eliminate it.

One of the biggest challenges my clients discuss with me is around clutter.  Clients tell me about colliding thoughts and overwhelming to-do lists.   Important tasks are forgotten.  Long term desires and goals are ignored because there “isn’t enough time” to put them in our schedules.

Today, I wanted to focus on mental clutter – and share the best tool I know to reduce and eliminate mental clutter.

Simply put, the fastest way to clear brain clutter:  write stuff down.

Seriously.  The fastest way to clear brain clutter is to get it out of your head and onto paper.   Need a reason to grab a pen and get stuff out of your head and onto paper?

Here are sixteen reasons why:

  1. Writing stuff down frees up mental capacity so you can focus.
  2. Writing things down allows you get unstuck – because you have taken action.
  3. Writing stuff down allows you to filter past the automatic default thoughts.
  4. Writing things down allows you to take inventory.
  5. Writing stuff down allows you to choose where to put your focus.
  6. Writing things down allows you to delete from your life what is draining your energy.
  7. Writing stuff down makes it easier to take action.
  8. Writing things down allows you to take big and vague ideas from your head and whittle them down into manageable action steps.
  9. Writing stuff down allows you to refine your ideas.
  10. Writing things down helps you remember the details of important events before time fades the memories.
  11. Writing stuff down allows you to record moments of self realization.
  12. Writing things down helps you pinpoint what actions are easier and more effective in your life.
  13. Writing stuff down – like what you’ve accomplished and what you are grateful for –  helps your mind create new paths of positive thoughts.
  14. Writing things down helps you discover a new way of being that works better.
  15. Writing stuff down helps to remind yourself of new paths until they become habits.
  16. Writing things down will allow you to direct your precious energy towards creating the clear path to a life lived in the zone

When energy is consistently flowing out to things that don’t really matter or to things that distract you, you have to play tricks in order to get by.  It’s time to stop playing tricks to get by, my dear. 

It’s time to release your mental clutter.

I know it can be a challenge to just begin to write without some direction, so what if I could help you methodically baby step your way from mental clutter to clarity?

30 Days to Clarity:  Clearing Brain Clutter – Discovering Your Heart’s Desire is the answer.

Every day of the program, you will get an email with a prompt that will take swirling thoughts from your head, connect them with your heart’s desire and discover what sets your soul on fire.

Are you ready to clear your mind but not sure where to start? Need a little help uncovering the answers? Realize you’re not quite sure what questions to even ask yourself? 30 Days to Clarity: Clearing Brain Clutter – Discovering Your Heart’s Desires is a loving place to start.

Now Available as a Fully-Downloadable Course.

Upon signing up you’ll receive a workbook containing all 30 lessons. There are also dozens of worksheets and writing prompts to take you from cobwebs in your brain to a clear thinking and the ability to listen to the small, still voice of your heart.

No more waiting for the course to begin or that next email. You can begin at any time.


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