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Snag My Secret for Getting Clear

Darling, are you tired of colliding thoughts? Do you feel as if your passions have been buried under layers and layers of existing? Are you so overwhelmed with “to-dos” that you don’t have time to acknowledge what you really desire?

brainclutter_writingAre you channeling Scarlett O’Hara and vowing to think about what you really want tomorrow?

Would you like to know my secret for getting clearer about what you want, an effective trick for making a decision, a path to tame battling thoughts and gain clarity around just about anything troubling your mind?

Putting words to paper.

One of the biggest challenges my clients discuss with me is around clutter.

Clients tell me about colliding thoughts and overwhelming to-do lists.   Important tasks are forgotten.  Long term desires and goals are ignored because there “isn’t enough time” to put them in our schedules.

I’m sure you were hoping I’d gift you with a magic wand that you could wave to make your heart’s desires crystal clear.

Or a magic pill that would suddenly part the clouds in your mind like the sun on a rainy day.

Or a the secret location to a mystic waterfall that will wash away your the layers hardening your heart.

Darling, the truth is that you have to get a little ink on your fingers to clear that mental clutter.

It seems both simple and daunting to ponder.  However, let me share with you what can happen when you take what’s swirling around in your head and committing it to paper:

  • Take inventory
  • Remember the details
  • Frees up mental capacity
  • Gets you unstuck
  • Refine ideas
  • Break down big and vague ideas into something manageable
  • Create manageable tasks
  • Create awareness
  • Unearth the truth
  • Discover your heart’s desires
  • Uncover your soul’s needs
  • Delete what is draining your energy
  • Release pain
  • Choose where to put your focus
  • Filter out reactionary actions
  • Seal a vow between your heart and your mind
  • Create a vision
  • Pinpoint what actions are more effective
  • Take Action
  • Record moments of self-realization
  • Create new paths of thought
  • Promote emotional healing
  • Remind yourself of new routines until they become habits
  • Monitor your progress
  • Stay on track
  • Create a life you love

So, darling, if you want to go from dreamer to do-er, grab a pen and paper (or sit down to a blank page at your keyboard) and take the swirling fragments in your head and release them into the world.

I have so much faith that you can peel away the layers around your heart and create a life you adore.

Are you ready to clear your mind but not sure where to start? Need a little help uncovering the answers?  Realize you’re not quite sure what questions to even ask yourself? 30 Days to Clarity: Clearing Brain Clutter – Discovering Your Heart’s Desires is a loving place to start.

Now Available as a Fully-Downloadable Course.

Upon signing up you’ll receive a workbook containing all 30 lessons. There are also dozens of worksheets and writing prompts to take you from cobwebs in your brain to a clear thinking and the ability to listen to the small, still voice of your heart.

No more waiting for the course to begin or that next email. You can begin at any time.


You deserve to fall head over heels in love with your life.  Let me help you methodically baby-step your way from brain clutter to mental clarity.

The Investment: $21

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