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Create a Vision to Aim Your Arrows

I know something about you, darling. You have these delicious nuggets of desire, big dreams, and these longings of ideas that you know would work if you Aim the Arrow!dared.

You don’t move forward because you don’t know where to start. Or that inner voice inside of you tells you that you can’t succeed. Or you believe that you’re too old (or too fat or too uneducated).

Or maybe, just maybe, you believe that you don’t deserve to even verbalize your dreams, let alone achieve them.

Despite what you are thinking, darling, let me share with you that it’s possible.

Dreams don’t have to take place only at night, you can bring them into the light of day. Desires and beautiful glimpses into how you want to feel at the end of the day. Ideas can be nourished into reality.

But what I know is that you can’t just keep the dreams, longings and ideas in the “thinking” stage. No, darling, you have to take some action.

It’s why I’m crazy about creating a vision and a plan.

You see, creating a vision means that you’ll begin to be honest about what your heart desires. It means you’ll acknowledge the pieces of your life that you are simply tolerating.  Creating a vision means that you make a priority around what’s really important.

Creating a plan means that you know where to aim the arrow. You put your time, energy, and money to what matters.  Creating a plan allows you to plot your path.

By knowing where to aim your arrows, it will allow you to know where to begin. It’ time to shush that inner critic by taking action.

And darling, let me tell you: you are never too old, you are never too far gone, and you are never limited by a lack of education or other “too muchs”.

It’s time to choose love over fear.

It’s time to take a leap of faith into your desires.

Because, darling, it’s time to create the life of your dreams.

Need help creating a vision and a plan? Want more details? Click Here to learn more about Clearing Soul Clutter (Creating Your Vision).

2015 – Course Dates:

  • Sunday, March 29, 2015 to Tuesday, April 28, 2015
  • Sunday, September 13, 2015 to Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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